Begging A Racket For a Business

Root Cause Behind Begging

Man begging on his knees

Why people beg is a severe issue in every undeveloped nation? People in these nations always think about this question; however, none of us thinks of the cause of this critical problem. Moreover, none of us has ever tried to find a solution to this problem. Politicians seek votes in the names of poor people, beggars. However, after winning the battle, they never follow their manifesto. They never show up in a situation they are needed the most. They do everything except curing the cause whereas citizens of the nation do nothing except blaming the government all the time. They only exacerbate the problem. Also, the cycle continues between leaders and citizens of the country. People beg because they are unemployed and for them begging is a source of income which is a primary reason for increasing beggar rackets day by day.

Wealthy people hire unemployed and poor people for their begging business which enhances the exploitation of human beings. Moreover, majority section of undeveloped nations is uneducated. Because they are ignorant and poor both so, they don’t raise their voice against crime. Also, spend their whole life in the caucus planned by high-profile personalities. To know more about this system, yesterday, I had a word with two small girls who were begging for a two rupee coin.

I asked them, “Why are you begging?”

One girl answered, “I am begging because I want to buy toffees for me.”

My next question was,” Do you go to school and do you get food to eat?

Another girl replied, “No, I don’t go to school, and yes, I get food to eat.

My last question was,” Why don’t you go to school and do you like begging?”

Both girls answered,” We don’t go to school just like that, and of course we feel ashamed when people snub us then also we are keen on begging.”

I was shocked after hearing even if the beggars are getting food then also they are begging. Even if they feel ashamed, they are willing to ask.  They aren’t willing to study because they have become habitual of our sympathetic behaviour. Moreover, they are no more willing to work hard. Because when someone is getting things so quickly then why would someone like to work? Out of sympathy, we bless them with money and goods. However, in actual we should come out as a real hero. Real heroes, the heroes who take the initiative to bring a change in the society. Instead of being sympathetic, we should put efforts into educating them for a better life. We should help them in getting employment. We should recognise their qualities and motivate them to grow in their respective fields. Moreover, we should only provide sources and motivate them to strive.

So, at last, if the underdeveloped nations want to become begging-free, they should create more employment and provoke people to educate themselves.  Also, people of the respective countries should put efforts to bring a change because ‘Every single effort matters in developing a nation. ‘


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