Chief Behind the Bars For 20 Years

No Ram, No Rahim, Only Mayhem

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, who became Chief of Dera Sacha Sauda in 1990. He was 23 YO when he was appointed the leader of 25 acres Dera Sacha Sauda whom he spread across to 700 acres Empire. Since childhood, he lived a luxurious life. However, as wise say, “Destiny has its own role to play”. Similarly, today Baba’s destiny too brought a drastic change in his life and sent the criminal behind the bars. Today, on August 28, 2017, he has been punished for the crime he made fifteen years ago by CBI Judge Jagdeep Singh. A special court was set up in Sunariya Jail’s library where hearing started exactly at 2:30 P.M.

Both the parties were allotted a time span of 10 minutes each to keep their points in which CBI Advocate appealed for life imprisonment whereas Ram Rahim’s Advocate spoke about social deeds done by Baba and appealed for forgiveness.Even Ram Rahim literally cried in the courtroom and accepted his crime. But Judge Jagdeep Singh was determined enough to punish the culprit. And under section 376, 511 and 506 the convict was given an imprisonment of 20 years for raping girls and threatening the victims. He has to serve the punishment for both the rape cases means 10 years imprisonment for each case. Ram Rahim who always gave orders to his followers, today was pleading for forgiveness.

He even made excuses for his poor health, however, the CBI judge Jagdeep Singh said a big No to VIP treatment. And allotted the accused number 8647. Afterwards, human believed God Baba Ram Rahim will spend ahead ten years of his life as prisoner number 8647. either in Rohtak Jail or in Ambala Central Jail. I am glad the culprit is sent behind the bars, however, still, there exist blind followers who are superstitious enough to ruin the nation. Today also even before the verdict Dera followers burnt two cars in Village Phulka situated in District Sirsa. Being a media person, I request all of you not to be a superstitious follower but be a wise citizen and uplift our nation. Our good deeds will make the nation whereas bad deeds will burn the nation.

So, the decision is yours whether you want to rule the world with your determination, hard work or want to stick yourself in this vague thought process. Again, I salute two brave women, Slain Journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati, CBI and Judge Jagdeep Singh for sending the Chief behind the bars.

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  1. Informative post !👍
    His so called followers have already proved by their violence that he was a messenger of love and peace. But it’s to see many superstitious fellow countrymen supporting him. And yeah, those two women, CBI and Hon’ble judge deserves a Grand salute!

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