I Wish I Were a Boy

What Made A Girl Think So!

I Wish I Were A Boy

I wish I were a boy! It is just a simple sentence, however, looking for a deep thought. What made a girl think so when she is blessed with the most pious designation. Why she wants to become a boy when she is the one who gives birth to a man. And last but not the least, why isn’t she happy with the life blessed by God. All your wonders are true. However, female molestation and gender discrimination have forced her to think so. What else could she do in this male dominating society? The society where she is more successful than him but manhandled by a man, where she has touched the moon but kept at the feet and where she alone is capable to serve her family but incomplete without a man. Today, she is superior to a man. Still considered a weaker sex in the society.

It’s been ages, parents are marriage conscious instead of a career. Is this an appropriate approach nowadays as well?No, because today she is career conscious. In fact, she has proved her existence. Even then, she is looking for answers to her questions. I feel her never-ending struggle will keep on moving because she lives in a dubious society. A society where a man is cruel at home but counted humble in the outer world. A society where public kissing is a criminal offense but public raping seems fine. People start preaching about moral values but ignore a situation like molestation. In our routine life, multiple molestation incidents occur but, only a few come under notification.

Don’t you think it’s high time to raise a voice? As wise say, “The one who tolerates crime is the worst criminal than the one who does the crime”. So, to end this, raise voice against crime. I have already raised my voice against several social cults in my first book Kalpana: An Imagination.

In the end, I request all the parents, start teaching your boy to respect a girl, in spite of judging her moral character from her attire start realizing her importance in your life and let her stay happy with her existence blessed by the Almighty. And most importantly don’t be a gender-biased personality.


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