F & B Reviewing Is Fun

How an eatable can be a fun. But, it happens when you enjoy food with an adorable company and the phrase “The way to a heart goes through the stomach” comes true. All this occurred with the efforts of Ad factors, Vidya Shetty and Vishal Rupani, who organized a wonderful food festival on the 3rd year anniversary celebration of Viviana Mall. This mall always has something different to show at every single occasion. A festival full of fun, enthusiasm, thrill and energy as well as consisting of a tremendous X-Factor. This time also they surprised me by choosing three amazing restaurants. A refreshing breakfast at the Northern Tadka, a delightful lunch at the popular Yellow Chilli by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and last but not the least as a meal is incomplete without a desert so, the desert was accomplished by BBC, the British Brewing Company.

As a morning starts with breakfast so, my colleagues and I proceeded for breakfast. We ordered a Vegetable Platter, a mixture of Tandoori Bhutta, Tandoori Shakkarkandi and Tandoori Aloo along with Dahiwala Kebab. This restaurant is a specialist in northern cuisine. So, every dish was enriched with northern flavours maintaining the taste of real spices and richness of respect and love. You might be thinking, why am I linking the words respect and love with this place as they are running their business and it’s their job to serve their customers. I agree, however, as per the name Northern Tadka, the flavour of Punjab, it actually presents Punjab. Punjab is a state which is rich in culture where guests are still worshipped as God. Similarly, the restaurant too was interior in a Punjabi style and the food was also served with gratitude. All the dishes were yummy, well prepared and appreciably presented.

We relished the food to the most. It is always believed every cuisine has a popular dish. Like this, northern cuisine too has a popular dish named ‘Jalebi with Rabri’; an amazing contrast of two separate desserts which taste wonderful together. We relished our sweet dish and proceeded towards next step. Not as a blogger but also as a spectator, we roamed in the mall and played the games organized by the staff. Then we proceeded for lunch. We ordered Evil Princess, Deep Sea Diving, Peru Pyara, Dare Devil with Pomegranate and Fruit Sensation mocktails. All the mocktails were fascinating and tasty. Their looks and flavours impressed everyone. Presentation of beverages was wonderful. Along with these mocktails, we ordered Adharak Dhaniya Paneer, Roomali roti, Laccha Parantha and Pyaz Mirchi Roti. The food was yummy and the flavours were merged in a manner that the food impressed everybody’s heart. After relishing the lunch, we stepped out for the desert.

BBC is a place which always attracts its customers for its lovely and unique interior. I was very much impressed with the architecture of this place. We ordered Lava Lava, Hot Chocolate, Regular Coffee, Chocolate Gooey, Philadelphia Cheese Cake, Crunchy, Hazel and Moca Coffee. All the deserts were enriched with a flavour of rich chocolate and beautifully presented. Every single flavour was staggeringly expressed which not only uplifted our taste buds but also took our heart. I being a media person loved all the dishes and relished their flavours to the most. I recommend you must visit these wonderful places and uplift your taste buds with new flavours like I did.

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