Golden Handcuffs A Hurling

Allurements Catered By an Organization

Golden Handcuffs
Golden Handcuffs-A Hurling

The benefits catered by a company to an employee which supplements glamour in an employee’s life known as Golden Handcuffs. They have become a centre of attraction nowadays, however, helpful in killing the zeal and enthusiasm of a person. They act as a flavour enhancer which makes their life comfortable and easy going. Due to this, the attitude of a person towards work and life has changed. People are becoming lifeless because they have become habitual of these facilities. This is the reason people do not want to strive which is stopping them in becoming a Billionaire. Moreover, companies have catered the allurements in a manner that employees have started forgetting their own dreams. They are unable to realize their inner strength, happiness.

But, the bitter fact is they are failed to understand the reality. No doubt these comforts are facilitating their lives and procuring them a lavishing life, however, certainly, they are stopping their growth and enhancement by becoming a slave. They are making a person desirous by killing their inner strength. In short, they are assassinating the hunger of becoming a well-renowned personality. Golden Handcuffs provoke a person to lead an easy going life. As wise say, ”Hard work is the key to success.” But, our youth finds Golden Handcuffs more fascinating.

And ultimately, Golden Handcuffs have blocked the pace of becoming a Billionaire. In the end, I would say realize your interest and passionately follow your interest to live a peaceful life and do not get attracted by golden handcuffs. Believe in yourself and set a specimen. Let the world follow your success story.

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