Irrfan Khan A Real Madaari

Truly Deserves a National Award

As we all know Irrfan Khan‘s upcoming movie Madaari will be in cinemas soon. But how Irrfan Khan is a real Madaari is a curious thing as he is an actor and he has just done his job. Then what’s so special about him which makes him unique from others! I tell you in fact I will show you some live glimpses of his performance which I captured when I was invited for his event coverage at Viviana Mall. He visited the mall for his movie’s promotion. When I entered the mall, the audience was eagerly waiting for him. People were too much anxious to have a look at him. So, to engage the audience, ‘Anish Mathew; The Voice India’ participant with his band ‘No Strings Attached’ was playing beautiful songs.  But it wasn’t an easy job to control the crowd as all were excited to meet the National Award Winner Irrfan Khan.

But the wait was over now, the countdown had begun and the moment arrived when he showed his presence in beautiful denim blue white striped attire along with black shades. As soon as he entered the venue, his Ora charged up every single soul present over there with zeal; zeal full of enthusiasm and energy. His charming and adorable personality attracted everyone. People were continuously staring him without even blinking their eyes, not even for a single second. He is a self-esteemed and straightforward man who has a clear mind set up for his goals. Because at this age also, he is up unto the time he finishes his homework of reading a Hollywood script. He is a balanced man who not only gives importance to his professional life, however, gives equal importance to his personal life as well. In that event too, he came along with his wife ‘Sutapa Sikdar’.

He is a sharp headed man who knows how to develop a connection with his beloved fans. That’s why he regularly updates his social sites so that his fans should not be demoralized with the fact that they don’t know anything about their superhero.  These qualities show a man like him who is benevolent like a child, strong like a storm and energized like an electric shot is a real Madaari. He keeps a balance in his personal and professional life. He is a responsible and a well-balanced man. Though his stay was short, however, as long as he stayed his performance overwhelmed everybody and the audience delivered an encouraging response for his upcoming movie. People wished him the success for his movie. In fact, I too enjoyed not only as a media person but also as a spectator.

I will surely go and watch his movie ‘Madaari…Desh so raha hai’ because he always acts in theme based movies which are powerful enough to spread a message in the society.

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