Jagga Jasoos: A Big Loss For the Makers

Jagga Jasoos, a huge loss for the makers

Jagga Jasoos starrer Ranbir, Katrina which is now going to release on July 14, 2017 has been a huge trouble for the makers because of the duo’s break up. It’s been more than a year this couple parted their ways. But why the hot duo of B-Town broke up, had been a mystery always! Because since beginning, the couple was called off the hottest couple of the industry. But as soon as the break up news got viral on social media, it left their fans in a shocking mode. However, as a media person I am exposing off certain rumors about their relationship which will put a light on the truth. Probably, father Rishi Kapoor did not accept Katrina as his daughter-in-law since beginning as the incident when he got angry because sister Kareena publicly accepted her relationship with Katrina at Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan. Later on things were sorted out, that’s why Katrina joined Christmas lunch at Ranbir’s place in spite of the fact mother Neetu Kapoor was missing. Probably both of them did not accept their relationship. However, the clash between Katrina and mother Neetu Kapoor didn’t affect the duo’s relationship though the couple was staying in a live-in relationship. But the differences started when Kat found Ranbir is still inclined towards the perfect marriage material Deepika Padukone at the promotion of Tamasha and after a lot of quarrels, Ranbir ultimately left Kat’s house and shifted to his new house in Bandra. Above certain facts are self explanatory to clarify the duo’s breakup enigma. Since, the break up occurred way back even then the makers are paying off a big loss. The duo’s behavior with each other has been really annoying after parting away due to that the shoot was cancelled several times. Now, when the movie is all set to be in cinemas then also makers of the film are facing a lot of issues. Because makers desired the stars should promote the movie together but the couple didn’t agree in fact they refused to share the same stage. After tolerating a lot of nuisance, when the makers were left with no choice, they strictly  warned Ranbir & Katrina for their unprofessional attitude. And after a lot of drama, it’s heard the duo agreed with the makers’ terms and conditions . But it’s too early to say anything, the film is yet to be on screen and I expect we can cherish more drama by the time. In the end, I must say  couple’s  unprofessional spirit made many innocent people suffer in the industry.

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