Khoya Paneer Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert generally prepared at the time of occasions. As the festive season is going on, so I thought of uploading a video on Gulab Jamun preparation because Gulab Jamun is a highly demanded desert in India and whosoever eats it surely likes the soggy sweet texture of Gulab Jamun. So, here I start with the recipe.

Gulab Jamun Ingredients

Khoya: 200 gms
Cheese/Paneer: 100 gms
Baking Soda: A Pinch
Baking Powder: A Pinch
Kesar Elaichi Essence: 11/2 Tsp
Maida: 50 gms

Sugar Syrup Ingredients:

Sugar: 500 gms
Water: 450 ml

Watch the full recipe preparation of Gulab Jamun in the following video.

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