Noun Worksheet

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Find Common, Proper, Abstract, Material, Collective, Countable, Uncountable, and Concrete Nouns:

1. Which of the following noun is a Proper Noun?
a) singer b) Peter c) milk d) sister  
2. Which of the following noun is a Common Noun?
a) birds b) London c) iron d) India
3. Which of the following noun is a Collective Noun?
a) team b) book c) marbles d) ships
4. Artist is a ………… Noun?
a) Collective b) Abstract c) Concrete d) Countable
5. A family is a ………… Noun?
a) Collective b) Abstract c) Concrete d) Countable
6. Which of the following noun is not an Abstract Noun?
a) goodness b) bravery c) family d) childhood
7. Which of the following noun is not a Countable Noun?
a) books b) gold c) Horse d) apple
8. Which of the following noun is not a Proper Noun?
a) team b) London c) Monday d) Nelson
9. Birds fly in the sky. Birds is a……..
a) Proper Noun b) Common Noun c) Abstract Noun d) Collective Noun
10. I saw a bunch of grapes. Bunch is a………
a) Common Noun b) Material Noun c) Collective Noun d) Abstract Noun

Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns :

( goodness, bunch, iron, chain, queen, school, hive, set, wood, horse, paper )
1. I have lost a ……….. of keys.
2. There seems to be a plan behind this …….. of events.
3. There is a large …….. of fish near the coast.
4. Do not disturb that …… of bees.
5. There is a fine ….. of pictures in the palace.

Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the given nouns. Use each noun only one time.

chair job experience information hair
luggage progress furniture permission work
  1. There is room for everybody to sit down. There are a lot of ___________.
  2. I don’t have much ___________. Just two small bags.
  3. They are going to tell you all you want to know. They are going to give you a lot of ___________.
  4. We have no ___________ , not even a bed or a table.
  5. ‘What does Alan look like?’ He’s got a long beard and very short___________.
  6. Carla’s English is very bad. She must make ___________.
  7. George is unemployed. He’s looking for a ___________.
  8. If you want to leave work early, you have to ask for ___________.
  9. I don’t think Ann will get the job. She hasn’t got enough ___________.
  10. Shakespeare’s ___________ are wonderful.

Choose the correct noun from the following sentences:

Q1.These stairs are dangerous so be careful!

  1. stairs
  2. dangerous
  3. careful

Q2. Let’s find a boat to take us because it’ll be quicker.

  1. find
  2. boat
  3. quicker

Q3.Can you lend me some money so that I can fly there?

  1. lend
  2. money
  3. fly

Q4.There were so many people that I couldn’t see the parade at all.

  1. people
  2. many
  3. parade

 Q5. Which noun in this sentence is plural? The deer in the park has been moved to give them more space.

  1. park
  2. space
  3. deer
Name the professionals

For Example: One who cuts hair is a barber.

1. One who cures sick people is a ___________.
2. One who sells medicines and drugs is a ___________. 
3. One who makes bread is a ___________.
4. One who operates on sick people is a ___________. 
5. One who makes chairs and tables is a ___________.
6. One who sells tickets on a bus is a ___________.
7. One who cultivates the land is a ___________. 

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