Questions To the Society

Day 5

Day 5 speaks about loyalty in relationships. Plot your thoughts on this topic in the comments section. So, here I shoot my today’s question:

Question 5: When one is alone, people take advantage of you; what if your dear ones do so?

Reference taken from Kalpana: An Imagination.

0 thoughts on “Questions To the Society

  1. if our dear ones do so, we cant stop them and even cant break the relation becaus we love them unconditionally.. but at some point, we will definitely make them realise about this wrong doings

  2. This is a bad thing as our dear ones are the most imp. People who can be trusted on every situation and i dont think so that your near ones will take advantage of you..

    1. Several cases of exploitation prevails in our society and in mostly cases exploitation began at home only. And of course, it’s a very bad thing.

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