Questions To the Society

Day 3:

Day three speaks about gender biased society which discriminates between a male and a female. So, here I go with the question:

Question 3: As ours is a male dominating society, can business not grow without a man’s presence?

Reference taken from Kalpana: An Imagination.

0 thoughts on “Questions To the Society

  1. As a family, family realtions, their values can’t grow up in the absence of female, same is with the absence of males in business.
    But- ‘exceptions are always there.’
    ‘Every one can do anything’.
    This is not a discrimination. It’s just about a ‘balance’ in the society

    1. Now a days, women are more successful than men however, even then our male dominating society in smaller regions isn’t accepting this fact.

  2. First of all our society has changed a lot. Today we can’t say that we are living in a male dominating society. Even females are excelling equally aming men in every walk of life, so businesa can flourish without man’s presence

    1. True…Women are excelling well in metro cities..How about rural towns where female infanticide still exists and where girls aren’t allowed to lead their life their way?

  3. See every coin has two faces… everything has both good and bad effects so in rural areas there ia backwardness but in urban there is hell lot of advancement..

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