Questions To the Society

Day 4

A father and a mother play an important role in a children’s life. In fact, they have their independent existence. My today’s question is regarding this context. So, here I go with my question:

Question 4: Can a father be substituted by a mother?

Reference is taken from Kalpana: An Imagination.

0 thoughts on “Questions To the Society

  1. neither father nor mother can be substituted by one another.
    roles of are differ in many aspects that can be played well only by that person.

    1. Dear Hasmit, of course they play different roles in a child’s life..However there are cases when a single parent has to play both the roles…

      1. yes, there are cases. and single parent tries alot but that is not the same as with presence of both. so substitution doesn’t work well.

  2. I think both play a different role..I think if you talk about substitution I think can’t be possible as both are important to nurture the child

    1. Yes, both are important in nurturing a child but sometimes when either a father or a mother is busy in fulfilling their responsibilities then a single parent has to play the role of both…

    2. Mother and father are like two wheels of a vehicle…for the proper movement of the vehicle functioning of both is required and none can be substitued by another..

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