Questions To the Society

Day 1

Kalpana: An ImaginationFor the next fifteen days, I will be uploading questions to the society. These questions are related to my first book Kalpana: An Imagination. These are not only questions but also the sensitive issues of the society which are being neglected nowadays. So, instead of ignoring these issues pen down your valuable thoughts in the comments section or drop your answers on my mail along with your contact information so that the best answers could be rewarded. So, the question of the day is:

Q 1: From ancient times, a girl is always respected in every religion in a different perspective, is she respected nowadays as well?

0 thoughts on “Questions To the Society

  1. Now a days greatest religion is Education and every educated woman is respected. But it is sad to say that each and every girl has to struggle and suffer from various weired situations to be a educated one.

    1. True..An educated girl is definitely a respectful dignitary now a days. However, the sad thing is in ancient times, education wasn’t a reason to respect a girl but now it has become a major reason.

  2. Though the respect nowadays has declined because of many issues like modernisation and effect of western culture but nowadays also women are respected.

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