Sex A Word Behind Rape

In Actual a Biological Need

Sex, What is sex? Sex is a biological need for every human being. Why we need sex? With time, when a person steps towards maturity, the notions and emotions of a human being also grow. And during that time span to maintain one’s health, one needs to ejaculate one’s emotions. Scientifically, it has been proved ejaculation of emotions is required to protect our human body from diseases. It is important for both physical and mental growth. However, we never realize the importance of this three letter word Sex. And consider it as a mode of enjoyment only. The truth is when two lovebirds exchange their pleasantries, sex is considered as divine and then it becomes a feeling which joins two souls into a single soul. The feeling of getting closer to your partner is amazing and unforgettable. But the sad part is when the matter comes to physical requirement and circumstances of a person then why sex is taken in a pessimistic manner?

When everybody has their own level of satisfaction and everyone has equal rights to fulfill one’s needs according to own wishes. Then why human rights are deteriorating nowadays? If love is true then sex is also true because it cannot happen forcefully. But in some cases, it happens against the wish of a person, as in the case of ‘Sex Workers’ and ‘Rape Victims. Just because sex workers opted sex as a profession it does not mean they do not have feelings. They too have notions and emotions which are asking for respect. They might be opted this profession out of helplessness. Then why are they treated as criminals of society?  Without even knowing their needs and circumstances we put a blot on them. But, the bitter fact is it is we people who take an advantage of them unto our satisfaction level which means we are also criminals. And if they are punished, we should also be punished.

Whereas according to society’s version, ‘Rape victim is the girl who herself provokes a criminal to rape her’. Seriously, if this is the human psychology then tell me how a toddler provoked a convict to rape her? Does anyone have an answer to this question? No, no one has an answer. Because everyone knows a toddler can’t provoke someone. And she is a rape victim. If a toddler is a rape victim, every other girl above this age is also a rape victim. ‘A victim is a victim no matter what’s her age’ and ‘An accuse is an accuse’. Instead of supporting the accuses, the society should punish them hard. Because convicts never think about repercussions and forcefully assaults a girl.

So, now onwards stop disrespecting sex workers because they too have a family and play a role of mother, sister, wife and a friend like every girl. And instead of being sympathetic, start counseling, supporting a rape victim because they are faultless and deserve a better life. 

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