This Mumbai Man Abhishek Shatters the Stereotypes

Voluntarily Adopts His Wife’s Surname

Abhishek Mande and Kermin Bhot who set a specimen through breaking the orthodox norms

Surname, a name attached to the given name of a family. It is expected from a girl to opt her husband’s surname after marriage. But, Abhishek Mande a hardcore Maharashtrian has amended the perspectives of this term. He is now known as Abhishek Mande Bhot. He is born and brought up with traditional customs. However, he broke up all the societal norms by adopting his wife’s surname four years ago after returning back from their honeymoon. His wife Kermin Bhot is a Parsi who is born and brought up in South Mumbai on a staple of American and British pop culture.

Kermin is groomed up in an open culture where gender discrimination might not prevail whereas Abhishek is raised in the distant suburbs of the city in a middle-class family. A society where a woman spends her whole life in fighting for her integrity. When one grows old in such environment, change is not accepted easily. But Abhishek was determined enough to bring a change. And when he spoke to his father, his father simply replied, ”Okay”. He regarded his wish and cooperated with him.

Abhishek & his father have set a specimen. They have preached the society a beautiful lesson about a man’s existence. We know, ‘A woman is the one who gives birth to a man bearing a huge pain compared to the breaking of two hundred and six bones’. However, our society never values her effort. In fact, we always deny this fact. But I believe, Abhishek is different who acted differently by voluntarily adopting his wife’s surname. He has shattered all the stereotypes with his action. In fact, he is making every woman proud of him. Because nowadays, a woman fights every day for her dignity. She is too scared of men who are ruining her self-esteem. Moreover, in today’s date, she is career conscious so, dreams of marrying a man who will not compromise with her whims and wills. I feel Abhishek fits in the list perfectly.

In the end, I would say in this male dominating era, where a woman is manhandled by a man, we need more men like Abhishek. Men who will shatter the stereotypes. They will uplift the society from its orthodox approach towards a world free of gender discrimination. More power to him. I being a girl, salute his rage.

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