Vocabulary Knowledge Part of Our Life

Dining Etiquettes:

1) Dining EtiquettesSalt and pepper: Salt and Pepper are passed together, even when only one is requested. Don’t season food before tasting it.


2) Stemware(glasses): Stemware/Glassware is limited to four. Wine is poured from the right. Don’t overfill glasses.

Dining Etiquettes3)Bread Dish & Butter Knife: Tear bread into bite-size pieces on the bread plate and butter each piece with the butter knife just before you eat it.

4) Cutlery: The rule is to use it from the outside in. Once a utensil has been used, it shouldn’t touch the table again.


Dining Etiquettes5) Dessert spoon & fork: When dessert is served with both spoon & fork, the fork is the pusher and the spoon is for eating.




Dining Etiquettes6) Napkin Placement: Once seated, the host takes his napkin, then guests follow and place them on their laps.

7)Flatware: The number of silverware pieces indicates the number of courses to be served.


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