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Words Denoting Collection Or Groups:

Words Denoting Collection

A Collection Of Known As
Soldiers An army/company/legion
Musicians A Band
Fruits A Basket 
Judges A Bench
Girls A Bevy
Trustees/Directors A Board
Chickens A Brood/Flock
Grapes/Plantains  A Bunch/Cluster
Flowers  A Bunch/Bouquet
Sticks  A Bundle 
Merchants/Pilgrims/Travelers in a desert  A Caravan
Mountains  A Chain
Drawers  A Chest
Students/ Persons  A Class
Locusts  A Cloud
Trees  A Clump
 Stars/Islands  A Cluster
 Laws  A Code
 Stamps/Coins  A Collection
 Merchants  A Company
 Representatives  A Congress
Stars  A Constellation
 Lectures  A Course
 Sailors  A Crew
 People  A Crowd/Throng/Concourse 
 States  A Federation
 Birds  A Flight
 Trees  A Forest/Grove
 Cattle  A Drove
 Ships  A Fleet
 Snow  A Fall
 Sheep  A Flock
 Stars/Beauties  A Galaxy
Prisoners/Robbers/Thieves/Convicts  A Gang
 Flowers  A Garland
 Figures/Men  A Group
Stones/Sand  A Heap
 Deer  A Herd
 Bees  A Hive
 Robbers  A Horde
 States/Nations/Powers  A League
 Books  A Library
 Articles  A List
 Pigs  A Litter
 Merchandise  A Lot
 Cards/Wolves  A Pack
 Shoes  A Pair
 Friends  A Party
 Stones  A Pile
 Bells  A Peal
 Arrows  A Quiver
 Events  A Series
 Tools  A Set
 Painters  A School
 Fish  A Shoal
 Camels  A String
 Goods  A Stock
 Horses  A Stud
 Rabbits  A Nest
 Soap/Chocolate  A Bar
 Clothes  A Suit
 Rooms  A Suite
 Horses/Oxen when ploughing A Team
 Carriages/Followers  A Train
 Natives  A Tribe
 Horsemen  A Troop
 Oxen  A Yoke


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