Vocabulary Knowledge Part of Our Life

Day 17

1)Pillars of Democracy: Legislature, Judiciary, Executive, the Press, and assertive people

2)6 P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Planning and People skills

3)Living beings on Earth: Humans, Animals, Plants, Insects etc.

4)Duties of a Govt. : Law & order, Security welfare schemes, Education, Healthcare etc.

5)Pollution control: Three R’s: Reduce use, Reuse, Recycle, Self-control, New rules

6)Purpose of punishment: Deterrence, Prevention and Reform, corrective method

7)Dimensions of Life: Cultural, Social, Economical, Political and spiritual

8)Oceans of the world: The Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic, the Indian and the Arctic Oceans

9)Infrastructure:  Communication, Transportation, Healthcare, Education etc.

10)Ingredients for Health: Nutritious Food, Exercise, Sleep, Unpolluted Air and Water

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