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Masculine And Feminine Gender Nouns:

Masculine And Feminine Gender Nouns

Masculine Feminine
Administrator Administratrix
Actor Actress
Author Authoress
Bachelor Maid/Spinster
Boy Girl
Boy Scout Girl Guide
Brother Sister
Bull or Ox Cow
Cock Hen
Conductor Conductress
Cock-Sparrow Hen-Sparrow
Count  Countess
Dog Bitch
Emperor Empress
Founder Foundress
Fox  Vixen
Father Mother
Gentleman/Lord Lady
Horse Mare
Husband Wife
King Queen
Man Woman
Monk Nun
Nephew Niece
Papa Mamma
Daddy Mummy
Sir Madam
Son  Daughter
Stag Hind
Uncle Aunt
Wizard Witch
Heir Heiress
Host Hostess
Lion Lioness
Manager Manageress
Mayor Mayoress
Poet Poetess
Priest Priestess
Shepherd Shepherdess
Hunter Huntress
Instructor Instructress
Prince Princess
Tiger Tigress
Traitor Traitress
Waiter Waitress
Master Mistress
Murderer Murderess
Hero Heroine
Bull-Calf Cow-Calf
He-Goat She-Goat
He-Bear She-Bear
Man-Servant Maid-Servant
Grand-Father Grand-Mother
Land-Lord Land-Lady
Milk-Man Milk-Maid
Great-Uncle Great-Aunt
Peacock Pea-Hen
Washerman  Washerwoman
Bridegroom  Bride


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