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Words Denoting Offsprings of Animals:

Words Denoting Offsprings Of Animals

Animal’s Name Word Denoting Offspring
Ass Foal
Bear Cub
Bird Nestling
Bull, Cow Calf
Butterfly Caterpillar
Buffalo Buffalo Calf
Cat Kitten
Cock Cockerel
Deer Fawn
Dog Puppy or Pup
Panda Panda Cub
Mare Filly
Tiger, Wolf Cub
Swan Cygnet
Stag Fawn
Sheep Lamb
Pig Piglet
Owl Owlet
Lion, Fox Cub
Horse Colt/Foal
Hen Chicken
Goose Gosling
Goat Kid
Frog Tadpole
Fowl Chicken
Monkey Infant
Elephant Calf
Eel Elver
Eagle Eaglet
Duck Duckling






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