Woman-Who a Woman Is!

It’s a Woman’s History


Nobody knows who is a woman, what she wants and what she feels! It is unimaginable to understand the truth. Why a boy is lusty at a younger age when a girl has no mind set up, why a girl is responsible for the mistakes made by a boy and why she has no right to fall in love with a man of her choice! Did you ever think why a mother has gained the utmost patience? Because she faced all the difficulties. No. The reason is her inner power, strength which she achieved after gaining a long experience throughout her life. However, we never realize her importance.

But it’s high time to observe this fact, the mother has given the utmost designation by the Almighty because the roles she follows in her day to day life being a mother, daughter, sister, wife and a best friend unto the death are incomparable. She has all the qualities, power a man is looking for then also she is considered only for sex. This is a bitter truth. It’s hard to ignore this truth. Knowing the truth, why valuing her emotions has become a difficult task. She is omnipotent. Then why is she forced, restricted? Why isn’t the social liberal? Is everything heading towards a right pace? No. Because a man has right to hurt a woman but when she reciprocates, she is designated, a streetwalker. Without asking her choice, society is being unfair. The unfair society is murdering her innersole on a regular basis.

I know, it’s hard to digest. But, she deserves the liberty to follow her choice. The liberty to compete equally. Killing her inner self will demolish the Universe. Remember, she is not a sex toy. She has every right to live her life happily and lively. You are nobody to stop her. So, stop behaving childish and start giving a proof of your maturity by not blaming her, however by supporting and understanding a woman. Stop believing the fact that you cannot understand her and start showing gratitude and valuing her will make your life easier and happier. Just be a well-wisher of hers.

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